Self Portraits

CGI and "real" video, 2010-12

A self-portrait project that started with sculpting a 3D (digital) model of my head. That was the end-goal at the beginning, and then it just sort of took on a life of its own. Did someone say "uncanny valley"?

The me-head is not a digital scan, because 3D scans are a mess to animate. Nope, this process was more like using digital clay, and involved many hours of staring at the dude in the mirror. A quirk of digital animation is that one sculpts the skin first, and adds a virtual armature (to drive the animation) inside later. Clay sculptors would typically build an armature first, and then add the skin (clay) on top of that.

In a gallery setting, all videos are presented as loops. There is no audio.


the videos: