The A.I. Land of Dr. Moreau

Human-animal hybrids created via artificial intelligence* (2022)


Anselm Catboy Asgard Boydog Aubry Catboy Bert Boydog Brian Boydog Clem Catboy David Boydog Dennis Catboy Friedrich Catboy Helena Girldog Katrina Catgirl Kirby Boydog Letitia Girldog Maxwell Catboy Pietr Boydog Tanya Catgirl Vera Catgirl Wilhelm Catboy



* Images derived from an custom-trained Generative Adversarial Network (GAN),
  Implementation of 'lightweight' GAN algorithm using Pytorch by Phil Wang (lucidrains)
  Source: Lightweight GAN on GitHub
  Learn more about what a GAN is and how it works.
  --This is lecture 14 in the series; highly recommended if you are interested in AI.
  Also recommended, for hyper-real versions of nonexistent humans: "This Person Does Not Exist". Refresh the page for endless faces. Don't panic. Or, maybe, panic.